Bluetooth Smart Wall Control

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Bluetooth Smart Wall Control
Bluetooth Smart Wall Control
Bluetooth Smart Wall Control
Bluetooth Smart Wall Control
Bluetooth Smart Wall Control
Bluetooth Smart Wall Control


Smart Bluetooth Wall Controller

Use this BT Mesh wall controller our A19 Smart Bulb for an easy to use wireless wall switch. The controller simply gets added to your Bluetooth Mesh system through the phone APP as a new device and controls any lights active on the mesh.

You can add as many of these controllers as you like to control your lights from multiple locations. The controller comes with a wall mount bracket that will install into a standard electrical box or into a low voltage drywall ring. The controller has a magnetic attachment to the wall mount and can be easily removed and used as a hand-held remote control.

From the controller, you can adjust the colour temperature from Warm White to Cool White (2700K to 6000K), dim the lights, activate RGB colour and turn the lights on and off. The controller works in conjunction with the EIQSmart APP, available for both Apple ioS or Android devices. You will need the APP installed on your device to set up the controller, but once set up it will work independently or with the phone application. Your phone will not have to be on to use the controller once set up.
EIQSmart can be downloaded for free from Google Play or from the Apple APP Store.

Tech Specs

Battery: Model 2032
Voltage: 3 Volts
Control Range: 25 m indoors
APP: EIQSmart available for Android or iOS
Size:105 x 40 x 12m
Functions: ON/OFF, DIMMING and CCT and RGB control
Both remote and smartphone can control the Bluetooth smart devices when connected to the Bluetooth Mesh
Net weight: 30g


Pairing Instructions for BT Wall Controller

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