Bluetooth Speaker

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Bluetooth Speaker
Bluetooth Speaker
Bluetooth Speaker
Bluetooth Speaker

Great Sound, LED Light Show & Phone Charger. What more could you want?



Enjoy great sound with 2 - 10-watt speakers while enjoying an RGB light show. Prefer your music in the dark? You can turn the lights off if you like.

This Bluetooth speaker also has a standard USB port that will provide 5V DC output commonly used for charging many cell phones and tablets. The USB port is for phone charging only.

The smart light speaker also comes with a silicone stand to allow the subwoofer to boom the bass without any muffling. There are three indicator lights to show how much charge is left in the battery. Please charge using the included data cable once the third indicator low battery warning is illuminated.

Great for the beach, sporting events, boating, cabin, and camping, getting together with friends and family.


Provides up to 30 hrs of speaker time
RGB light syncs to your music
High, Med & Low White light makes a great emergency light
Pair with any of your handheld devices, Android or Apple
USB port charges your phone

Technical Specs

  • Battery:3.7V, 7000mAH
  • Charging Time: 2.5-4 hrs
  • Input:DC 5V, 1000mA
  • Twin Speakers: HIFI Speaker: 3mm 4 Ohm 10W 1.8-20 KHz; Subwoofer: 3" 4 Ohm 10W
  • 360 degree 6W 400 lumen LED light
  • USB Output 5V 1000mA
  • Silicone Stand and protection bag included

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