LED Snap Power Switchlight


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SnapPower Switchlight  Toggle Style
Switch Light
Toggler SnapPower Switchlight
Decora Snap Power Switchlight



Is it time to move to the next level of nightlight?  Easily replace your current switch plate with a Snap Power adjustable LED switch light. They are available to replace either a Toggle or Decora style switch plate. There are three settings to choose, off, dim and bright. The dim setting is enough light to find your light switch in the dark while the bright mode is a great option for a nightlight replacement. The SwitchLight works on switches where a single light switch controls the overhead lights.

No more lost or burnt out bulky nightlights in low receptacles that can interfere with furniture placement. Great for guest rooms, entryways, bedrooms or utility rooms.  Never a need to enter a dark house again. All this on less than 1 dollar a year worth of electricity!
Click on the available PDF  to see how quick the 3 step installation really can be.

Tech Specs

  • Attached to a single gang box only
  • Works on a single light switch
  • Light activated photocell
  • cUL Certified
  • No Batteries, No Wires


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