Wall Mount RGB Controller

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Wall Mount RGB Controller
Wall Mount RGB Controller

RGB Wall Mount Controller


This very attractive RGB wall controller installs into a standard single gang electrical box. The controller will work on both 12V or 24V RGB strip lights.  At 12V DC the maximum output is 144 watts and 288 watts at 24V DC. The controller has a power fail memory to return to the last active mode you set. There are 8 static modes and 9 dynamic modes to assure you will find the lighting effect that is perfect for your application.  This is a low voltage controller and should not be installed in an electrical box that contains line voltage.  We always recommend you check with your local safety inspector to review your local codes for use of this product.

Tech Specs

  • Working Temp: -20 - 60 degrees C
  • Max Load: 4A per Colour
  • Dimension: L120 x W74 x H38mm
  • Supply Voltage: DC 12 ~24V
  • Connecting Mode: Common Anode
  • Net Weight: 140g
  • Structure: 120-type US Standards


Brightness Adjustable, Speed not Adjustable

  • Static Red
  • Static Green
  • Static Blue
  • Static Orange
  • Static Yellow
  • Static Purple
  • Static Cyan
  • Static White

Speed Adjustable, Brightness not Adjustable

  • White Flash
  • White Breath
  • Three Colour Jump Changing
  • Seven Colour Jump Changing
  • Three Colour Gradient Changing
  • Seven Colour Gradient Changing
  • Red/Green Cross Fade
  • Red/Blue Cross Fade
  • Green/Blue Cross Fade


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